North East Mistress & County Durham Dominatrix


Let ME show YOU who's in charge.

Let ME show YOU who's in charge.

I am MISTRESS ORCHID, the North East Mistress & Darlington Dominatrix, Scottish born & bred with my own BDSM dungeon playroom. I can be softly spoken, kind & sensual as I take control of your mind and body. Or I can be your worst nightmare...a coarse & cruel tormentress, depriving you of pleasure until I've gained satisfaction, not you. I am a Sexy Domme who relishes the company of subserviant males, with a particular interest in Tie & Tease, Sensory Play, Forced Bi & Feminisation.


Image of North East Mistress Orchid's logoImage of Darlington Dominatrix Mistress Orchid dominating a submissive wearing a gagImage of Mistress Orchid humiliating a slaveImage of North East Mistress Orchid's logoImage of County Durham dominatrix laughing at a slaveImage of Tees Valley Mistress leading a submissive from confinement cageImage of North East Mistress Orchid's logoB&W Image of Mistress Orchid dominating a man in County Durham DungeonImage of Tees Valley Mistress Orchid administering nipple torture on a submissiveImage of North East Mistress Orchid's logoImage of E-stim electropebble power box and assorted electrodes in North East DungeonPOV image of Newcastle domme Pegging a Bisexual manImage of North East Mistress Orchid's logo
Image of Mistress Orchid dominating a submissive wearing a gag
Image of North East Mistress Orchid's logo
Image of Mistress Orchid humiliating a slave

Do YOU have a secret desire for ME to take complete control?

Are you even worthy of my time  & consideration? I'll be the JUDGE.  I'm an Alluring & Mature County Durham Domme, an Intuitive Tormentress, with my own Luxury Chambers in the North East of England. Enter MISTRESS ORCHID'S  World of Femdom; Experienced subs/CDs/sissies &/or novices WELCOME.

Establish Credibility, Contact me...

The easiest way to communicate in the first instance is by email. Include details of previous experience & what you expect to gain from our meeting together. Please don't misconstrue this as a licence to Dictate to Me. Your missive is for My Use, to enable ME to gain an UNDERSTANDING OF YOU so I can follow through with effective coaching & A Mutually Beneficial Liaison #JustDoIt

Tie & Tease Mistress

Think you can cum whenever you like?  Not when you're with me. I shall decide, when & even IF you can climax. I am your ultimate Tie & Tease Mistress in County Durham with a variety of props from mild to wild. Intuition coupled with years of experience gaining pleasure from men just like you guarantee a FUN TIME

StrapOn Domme

All manner of men fantasize about being PEGGED. It doesn't mean you're on the way to Gaytown. It's a sign you're a sex positive guy & open to learning more about sex and an understanding of your body. Push limits both physically and emotionally as we search for, and find, that magic P- spot, Once you've been there, sex will NEVER be the same again. 

Sissy Training

Is the notion of being feminised forcibly an 'itch' within you that refuses to go away? Does the  idea of being trained to look, sit, walk & act like a woman, aka SISSIFICATION turn you on?  To cross dress & take on tasks & roles that are overtly feminine? All of us have different % of male &  female chromosomes in our  DNA, and yes, you're probably living a lie, as a 'man'. Lets find out.  


The reasons people derive sexual satisfaction from humiliation are complex & often stem from childhood. As a  domme I understand this. The Latin root of 'humiliation' is 'humus'  which means 'earth' or 'dirt'. So if you're a high flyer seeking catharsis by being reduced to little more than a physical object, & treated as such, get in touch

Forced Bi

Keeping it Safe Sane & Consensual, I coerce you and encourage you  to engage in same sex activities, which may or may not involve the  participation of another man. Do you  have latent bisexual or gay desire/urges that need to be 'addressed' IN PRIVATE?   

Foot Fetish

The most common form of sexual fetish that doesn't involve a sexual organ per se; Having said that, the brain is often described as the BIGGEST SEX ORGAN & foot fetish is attributed by some to 'cross-wiring' in the grey matter between the regions associated with feet & genitalia. I'm blessed with beautiful feet & toes, or so I'm told. So why not come & see for yourself? 


It never fails to AMAZE me as to what can be achieved in a relatively short space of time  using make-up & wigs. PLUS a lifetime's experience of doing my own of course! Even the most macho men can morph into something looking a lot more feminine, trust ME. 


Or Electroplay as it's sometimes known isn't about pain, its about sensation. I have a ton of top quality kit from E-Stim Systems, the worlds premier manufacturer of power boxes & electrodes  designed specifically for electrosex.  It's BRITISH made & complies with  all EU REGS & standards  so you're in SAFE HANDS. Kind of.

Double Dom

A genuine real-life BRITISH M/F couple capable of delivering a double-dom experience is  a rare find indeed. And  to find such a couple with their own BDSM style dungeon is well nigh impossible. That's why we built our own 5 STAR facility. Experienced kinksters have described it as the 'finest of its kind currently in the Northeast'. Book a session NOW. 


Cock & Ball Torture, and 'Clothed-Female-Naked-Male' are discipline's I'm interested in, what about you?  Combine cock compression with electro using Vypr2 while I slap, twist and stretch your balls, you'll be naked & vulnerable while I'm in latex or leather.

CP, Spanking Northeast

Corporal Punishment: I have tawse, paddles, flails, cane, crop, slipper and bare hands for OTK spanking. Have you been a naughty boy and/or seek to revisit scenes from your past?  Non marking or heavy & full on, but always Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) 


Whether you're an Exhibitionist, a Pet, seeking to be Objectified, or looking  for ultimate Power Exchange my confinement cage is an effective tool. Being caged complements the themes of dominance & submission beautifully, You the captive on the inside, and me the Mistress, in authority and FULL CONTROL on the outside. Not for the faint of heart. 

Smoking Fetish

 It's known officially as capnolagnia, a sexual fetish associated with fellatio among hetero men, whereas kinksters' fascination lies in it's dark side,...the dominance implied by a  woman smoking, typically with her sub in bondage forced to inhale her smoke or ash. I've over 20 different smoking scenarios, just be sure to bring me my fave brand VOGUE 

Boot & Body Worship

'These boots are made for Walkin', And that's just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you'...One of my fave hits, from Nancy Sinatra.  Leather, PVC & Latex are all in my wardrobe.  Combine those with curves in all the right places,  add a sensual & sexy persona and you have the 'Alluring, Adventurous & Erotic Lady' portrayed in my  reviews. All  YOU have to do is get in touch: 07391-075758   

See what other's are saying about me! 

A meeting with Mistress isn't a one off. It's the beginning of a NEW & Wonderful Relationship, but NOT for the Faint of Heart

Check out my FIVE STAR Reviews...

'Everything I had requested expertly delivered, I shall be back if she will allow me'
vector image of Mistress with whip riding a slave


'She experimented with her TENS [unit] & actually had me begging to cum...'
Vector image of Mistress stood tall in boots with whip


'A mind blowing time spent with a wonderful Mistress. Cannot recommend highly enough.'   
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