Capnolagnia is the psychological (?) or ‘correct’ term for Smoking Fetish, a sexual fetish for the smell or imagery surrounding smoking. You’re best to read this while you can boys, because in today’s ‘woke’ Britain, it’s likely we’ll see smoking totally banned, eventually, along with most of life’s other ‘pleasures’. Did you know they made it illegal from May 2020 to sell menthol cigarettes in the UK? Campaigners (holier than thous) welcomed the new laws. Pro-smoking groups claimed the law to be a ‘gross restriction on consumer choice’; whether you’re a smoker or not is of little concern to the #TeesValleyMistress. What lights my fire is the steady stream of kinksters who beat a path to my door, to get off on all manner of scenarios with the CIGARETTE & ITS SMOKE centre stage. No ordinary ciggies either. Vogue are my choice, smoked via a slender tube. Cigarette holders were considered an essential part of ladies’ fashion from the early 1910’s thru to the mid 70’s. Pro dommes to this day still favor them not least when they’re indulging in the art of capnolagnia, a form of power exchange involving a willing sub and a powerful woman.

Darlington Domme Mistress Orchid & Smoking Fetish or Capnolagnia as its known
Mistress Orchid #TeesValleyMistress, North East Mistress, Smoking Fetish aka Capnolagnia

As with all things, once you take a deep dive (as millennials like to say) into a subject it gets complicated. Smoking Fetish is no different. Google Smoking & WOMEN & you’ll discover we’ve been on a roller coaster ride since the early 1900s; manipulation by advertising companies, feminism, liberalism, changing social ‘norms’, how its portrayed on the silver screen…sex and cigarette smoking are inextricably linked.

In the 21st century with the public conditioned against smoking in general, there’s increased interest in the ‘fetish’ side; its as if the more we’re educated against smoking, the more attractive it becomes to kinksters, re-inforcing (in women) the ‘bad girl’ image. Growing use of the internet has enabled like minded souls to connect & share information on all kinds of sexual paraphilias. Pictures, short stories & videos are traded, and specialist websites devoted to individual niches have appeared; check this one out for lovers of smoke 🙂

Objectification ~ Humiliation ~ Smoking Fetish ~ Human Ashtray ~ BDSM ~ Sado Masochism

A sub may get aroused from numerous smoking fetish scenarios, such as sourcing & supplying Mistress’s favorite brand, preparing a ciggie for her and lighting up without soiling it with his spit, holding an ashtray for her or even objectification with him offering his open mouth as a receptacle (the taste of the ash may come as a surprise), inhaling her exhaled smoke etc etc. Ooooh! I can think of at least sixty other ways I can float your boat if Capnolagnia is ‘your thing’. Those 60 different ways are for me to know and you to wonder about, for now at least. Intrigued? So give me a call….