The Pure Joy of Electrosex, EstimSystems in County Durham, North East:
I had a couple of tweets the other day admiring the array of toys in my cabinet at my dungeon playroom in the North East. The followers told me they thought clients must love to play with them and were surprised by my reply. You see, most guys out there AREN’T VERY OPEN-MINDED. In fact it would be fair to say that men’s sex toys are about the same place women’s were in terms of perception, around 20 years ago. Most guys think ass play means they’re on their way to GAYTOWN, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Ass play is a natural area of exploration…not only does the anus have more sensitive nerve endings than the average clitoris, but the magic place aka the p-spot is situated around 4 inches up the rectum but not in it, at the back of the penis. [p is for Prostate by the way] The toys these followers were referring to were a number of plugs, glass dildos, electrosex power boxes and electrodes.

The electrosex ‘thing’ is something else most guys are reluctant to get into; they think it means ‘shocks’ and ‘pain’ not least because I’m a semi pro dominatrix. They confuse it with things like violet wands or stuff they’ve seen on PornHub such as extreme electroplay, however, done right, electrostim can BLOW YOUR MIND never mind a fuse. My partner fun50geeze is an expert, following years of experimentation finding the right spots & techniques. I never forget the first time we both tried E-stim; it was slightly disappointing. We hadn’t done our homework and expected it to produce a rock solid cock & feelings to die for. We achieved neither, not that first time anyway. It was just another toy that needed to be experimented with & seemed a good idea at the time. Since then we’ve learnt how to get the best out of it, and as the #TeesValleyMistress and County Durham Domme I’ve done my bit, increased my skill level and constantly added to my extensive range of electrodes…not just for MY BENEFIT, but yours too.

Image of one of the electrosex power boxes used by County Durham Mistress Orchidy County Durham Mistress Orchid

You see, many of my clients are kinksters who’ve been involved in the BDSM scene for yonks. Good numbers of them seemed to have dived into it in their late teens/early 20’s and it’s then with them for life, sometimes secretly so, following marriage. A lot of ‘significant others’ are completely oblivious to their partner’s ‘dark side’ as the Press like to call it. These players have usually tried E-Stim at some time or another, and it’s fair to say that even many of them are not overly enamoured by it. Why? Because it’s likely most of them were introduced to it by a domme inexperienced in its effective use. One has to really know the kit and how it can be used, to gain maximum enjoyment from it. In skilled hands, you need nothing more than a simple loop & pad connected to a basic power box, something like E-stim System’s ElectroHelix with FIRE button. Having worked as an escort for several years before morphing into a North East Mistress, I get my fair share of guys expressing interest in me as a kind of Escort crossover Domme. Many dommes impose a CFNM rule and adopt a strict ‘No Sex’ role; That’s something that doesn’t fit very well in my view…pegging a guy can hardly be described as not having sex, but I guess they market themselves that way in the belief it will keep them off the radar of the authorities, and portray their establishments as ‘vanilla’. Utter tosh really, since we live in a country second only, or by some accounts EQUAL, to China in terms of surveillance and its getting worse. Anyway, said clients make appointments so they can ‘dip a toe’ in the BDSM world, and think that if they find it too scary, they can revert to ‘escort/client’ mode. I understand that, but in reality, if they’re introduced to a dom/sub relationship in the right way, the sky’s the limit. You’ve probably read about Tie & Tease sessions, and that is an ideal time to plug in to electrosex. Probably not for a first appointment with a Dominant, but definitely on a second or third. The ‘not knowing’ in combination with suspension, light bondage & a Mistress at the controls can and will produce sensations you just WON’T WANT TO STOP. Add something like Rock’s Off BIG BOY to the mix & we’re guaranteed, between us, to hit the spot, big time. So make sure you’ve got with you another hour’s worth of tribute, so you can extend the session, #JustSaying lol. You’ll likely have experienced similar feelings while masturbating, however, they will have been for a split second only, just prior to cumming; Electrosex can find that feeling, and hold it there indefinitely, until you can either stand it no more or you relent due to fatigue, I kid you not.

Estim can induce the ULTIMATE EDGING experience, and if and when Mistress allows orgasm, it will be Hands Free, something some of you might wanna take on board if you’re sold on the Social Distancing thing. It is possible to conduct an entire session from a distance… [reminding me of one of my faves from Bette Midler: ‘God is watching us From a Distance‘ … the State is ‘watching us….’ seems more apt right now 🙁 ]

Meetings like that aren’t my style but it is a choice if you prefer.
Until next time, I’m Mistress Orchid the County Durham Domme aka #TeesValleyMistress. Are you worthy of my time? Get in touch and I’ll be the JUDGE, take care boys.

PS:Want your own kit for DIY? Find it here, but if you want a GREAT DEAL contact Geeze on 07756-209560 before ordering online.