I often get emails enquiring about Tie & Tease in the North East, with me Mistress Orchid the #TeesValleyMistress & Darlington Dominatrix.

What is it? In a nutshell it’s a BDSM activity centred around restraining a submissive & bringing them to a peak state of sexual arousal, but deferring orgasm until permission is given by the dominant.

Why? When you’re restrained and blindfolded your other senses are naturally heightened. Here’s a typical review (recent) for Mistress Orchid, the County Durham dominatrix aka #TeesValleyMistress

‘I have never experienced anything like this but it was incredibly sensual and giving/relaxing control to a total stranger was an incredible turn on when that stranger was as adroit as Mistress Orchid’

A Tie & Tease session may be (without you really knowing it) your first experience of BDSM. (B for Bondage/Discipline, D for Dominance Submission). Commonly, ‘vanilla’ people associate the term with sadism in general, but that’s not the case at all. In a Dom/Sub relationship (which is what an appointment with a Mistress is usually about) both partners aim to please each other. The word ‘submissive’ shouldn’t be misinterpreted, because in point of fact, a submissive is never truly out of control. Tie & Tease is about Trust as much as anything else….the sub is submitting to being tied & blindfolded, however, this doesn’t mean he’s 100% at the mercy of the Domme. Trust is paramount, on both sides, so before I actually get into a meeting, I will take care to ‘consult’ first, either in the first 10 minutes or so or by prior messaging. I prefer the former, not because I’m spinning out time (I don’t clock-watch anyway, conversely, that’s not an invitation for you to take the Michael), but because WAY too many inquirers will message me until the cows come home and get off on it too….with no intention of ever making an appointment. The consultation aims to clarify what the sub wants to try, and most importantly, what he does not. Yes, BDSM is about pushing limits; it’s not about passing them, OK?

The best way to describe the scenario is ‘the submissive takes the role of surrendering control’ however, they will ultimately decide when to start and stop. Safe words are crucial on both sides.

Image of County Durham Domme in a Tie & Tease session using Wartenberg Wheel and E-stim

Teasing can be mild to wild, depending on the consultation. It can be gentle and playful using ticklers, feathers, silk, or even everyday objects, not normally associated with sex. That’s a hallmark of an experienced North East Domme….her ability to improvise. You don’t need to be in a BDSM Dungeon with all kinds of equipment…a good domme can deliver an intense experience in any hotel bedroom using a minimum of props. Teasing needn’t just be for the duration of the meeting either. It can be prolonged over days, weeks, months even, using chastity devices to prevent orgasm. Orgasm denial is a big part of Tie & Tease. There are many men who don’t need to actually cum…the build up and the edging is enough. True, some of them will masturbate afterwards, while others may savour the experience & privately reminisce about it while lovemaking. The thoughts added to the sex act may be just what they need to achieve full orgasm. (unbeknown to their significant other)

Image of Tie & Tease using bondage & ElectroStim in County Durham

Most meetings take place over a period of 60-90 minutes. Being bound and blindfolded amplifies the anticipation and the sensitivity of erogenous zones of which there are many. They include nipples, neck, ear lobes, armpits, back of the knees, certain areas of the feet and ankles. Sub’s tolerance of extreme sensation will often increase the more they’re teased, and the higher the tension. Nipple clamps deemed much too strong for ‘normal’ activity, may be ‘craved for’ once in a state of high arousal. ElectroStim is another favourite. Skilful use of a power box & electrodes, combined with 100% communication between Domme & Sub can produce sensations & feelings you never thought existed. Edging to a background ‘wave’ can be incredibly addictive, producing the same feeling a guy gets just prior to cumming, yet it can be prolonged, ending only when exhaustion (or time constraints) force a stop. Some clients have difficulty maintaining hardness, or so they tell me before hand. Many of them surprise themselves…in reality, a ‘change of scene’ often does the trick, but for those with more deep seated problems, fear not. Complete satisfaction CAN easily be induced, without you ever getting hard. Yes really.

Image of Tie & Tease client holding a Say No sign to 'the New Abnormal'

So guys, are you intrigued? I’d hazard a bet you are. Tie & Tease can be very powerful when performed by an intuitive domme in County Durham. Take time to read my AdultWork Reviews and you’ll see what others have said. I’m saying an emphatic ‘NO’ to the ‘New Abnormal’, so don’t be shy, get in touch. Send me a detailed message about your desires and expectations, but please note that currently I’m only seeing established AdultWork members or people I know. Is that you?