‘Sensual captivating Mistress,who gave me a prolonged hard spanking, Can’t wait to push my limits, this Lady is very good, and sexy!!’ reads the feedback recently submitted by a visiting gent from Cumbria. So I thought I’d write a bit about the subject. Spanking is a form of corporal punishment. Historically in England, spanking is defined as being given only with the open hand and it used to be common in schools. In America, spanking was associated more with the use of ‘paddles’. As a Scot, I’m more familiar with the ‘tawse’. A tawse is a strip of leather with one end split into tails. Tawses were also commonly used in schools around the North East. Do I have one? Of course. Tawses were often used on the hands, and teachers referred to them as ‘straps’ or ‘belts’, and it was common for them to inflict punishment in front of the entire class. In places like Newcastle & Gateshead it was more often used on the seat of the trousers. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks. It’s also often combined with bondage, to heighten the sexual stimulation of the experience.

Image of tawse used for corporal punishment in the northeast

One needs to be careful WHERE one Spanks, and its important to avoid the kidney area, neck, joints, tailbone, hip bone etc and administer only to the buttocks, where a layer of subcutaneous fat offers protection against injury while still allowing the infliction of pain. The first thing I was taught by London Dommes who mentored me several years ago was the importance of ‘warming up the buttocks’ first with a cupped hand; Skin on Skin is a great way to ‘connect’ and while doing this I’ll converse with the client about levels of intensity and use of a safe word.

Spanking can be both emotionally and physically intense due to the release of adrenaline and endorphins. Endorphins are a kind of hormonal compound similar to MORPHINE manufactured by the body in response to pain. They relieve the pain and enhance the healing process, lowering blood pressure and promoting ‘feel good’ factor. Adrenaline on the other hand is produced by the body in respone to FEAR and can lead to high levels of arousal. Like so-ooo many things, it gets complicated. These chemical ‘spikes’ can cause what’s known as ‘sub drop’ a subject in itself, suffice to say I’m aware of it; Spikes can be avoided by taking care to build up a scene gradually rather than suddenly; likewise when winding down; Following on from that, intimate aftercare will also benefit an individual experiencing a ‘drop’. Chocolate mirrors Oxytocin, and can greatly mitigate the effects of ‘drop’, a fact not lost on subs who’ll frequently turn up bearing goodies.

Image of Expensive Chocolates from Godiva, Mistress Orchid's favourites

Ask random members of the public ‘What Does A Dominatrix Do?’ and they’ll usually say ‘they beat f*ck out of people’; Nothing could be further from the truth. The whole ‘BDSM thing’ is built around TRUST, a kind of aphrodisiac in itself. Trust ‘increases sexual desire’ & it’s easy to spank safely, who knows you might become hooked. Just be sure to choose some-one who knows what they’re doing like the #TeesValleyMistress. Well, what are you waiting for? Send me an email. Which prompts me to share with you this little nugget, Enjoy, & take note. Until next time, stay horny & stay safe. I am Mistress Orchid, the #TeesValleyMistress, Dare you submit?